How Career Planning Can Also Help Your Financial Planning

Have you met with a financial planner recently?

Did they ask you a lot of questions that weren’t directly related to money?

Are you wondering why they spent more time asking about your family, your career goals, and even upcoming travel plans?

For many, financial planning is all about saving for retirement. Some people just want help managing investments, or making the right decisions at the stock market. However, most decisions, large and small, are connected to your financial situation in some way.

Think about it: when you chose your career, did you do it just for the money? Did you do it because it offered great benefits, the option of traveling, or maybe more down time to spend with your family? Seemingly small career decisions you make today can affect your financial situation years down the road.

Starting to prepare for retirement at an early age means you’ll be able to set yourself up for long-term financial and career growth. It also means you’ll be able to retire earlier, and look forward to a long, happy retirement.

As your career progresses, you should be thinking about:

  • Income potential
  • Company perks and benefits
    • Employee sponsored retirement accounts (401ks, simple IRAs)
    • Other tax advantaged benefits like Health Savings Accounts
    • Stock options and employee stock purchase plans
  • The cost of living

Depending on the field you work in, you might be given the opportunity to advance in a company that offers everything you need to facilitate retirement. For other people, you might be working in a field that requires a little more negotiating and hard work to get your financial portfolio exactly where you need it to be.

In either case, you should talk to an expert on financial planning in Ann Arbor! A great financial planner will not only help you sort out your priorities and goals for your career and retirement, but help you reach other goals like taking that big trip around the world, or buying your dream home.

At Imber Wealth Advisors, we look at the full, 360-degree view of your retirement to make sure your money goals align with your lifestyle goals. We want to help you achieve a worry-free retirement! Talk to one of our friendly team members to see if our services could benefit you today!

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